5 Ways to Monetize Your Website, Blog or Ecommerce Store

Monetizing your website, blog or ecommerce store sounds hard, however, the best methods are pretty simple. Here are 5 monetization tactics to keep in mind!

You’ve finally built your own website and visitors just keep coming! That’s great! You have done everything right and now is time to turn those visitors into paying customers.

If the visitors are there, there is no reason why you shouldn’t monetize your website and make some money out of it.

Wondering how to monetize your website or blog? Wondering how you can take advantage of your traffic or visitors? Here are 5 great monetization tactics we want to share with you:

#1. Pay-per-click Ads:

A pay-per-click ad is one great strategy to use to turn your visitors into customers. The add entitles you to money every time a visitor clicks on an ad or banner. The best tool to use is Google Adsense. It helps you specify the types of ads you want to use or show on your website and provides you with a code to insert into your content. For every click they get, you have an opportunity to make a sale. It is as simple as that.

#2. Affiliate Marketing:

Another great tactic you can use to monetize both your website and your blog. Affiliate marketing is defined as a marketing strategy by which the retailer pays a certain fee or commission to an external online store or website for traffic generated from the referrals. This is a popular strategy because it is win-win for both, you and the retailer. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your products to your readers or visitors without spending time creating the product yourself. The retailer pays you the arranged percent or commission when the sale is completed. Most bloggers start monetizing their blogs using affiliate marketing or more specifically the Amazon affiliate program. When browsing through the Amazon pages, you can find lots of products to recommend to your visitors and readers. Every time a sale occurs, no matter where you are, – in the UK or Australia- you will get a small commission. So, if you want to learn how to add your products to any website or blog, click here.

#3. Write Product Reviews:

If your ecommerce site or blog revolves around a specific business niche or industry, there are software and hardware products you can discuss about. First thing you need to do is reach out to the brands behind the products and offer them a business deal to review their products in front of your audience for free. The brand will then provide you with the products free of charge. Come up with some interesting ideas on how to start getting more product reviews. 

#4. In-text Ads:

This is just another strategy you can use to monetize your website or blog. If you don’t want banners destroying the look of your website, in-text ads might be the perfect solution. By collaborating with popular in-text ad business, for example, Intextual, specific words within your web content will be hyperlinked to relevant sites or blogs. The visitors who want to click the link get a preview before they click on it.

#5. Auction your Website or Blog:

If you are looking for a simple strategy to make money, you might consider selling your web property. People today pay good money for blogs, websites or ecommerce stores with potential. One great website to check is Flippa, a common place where such sales happen.

After deciding to use one of these techniques, you will need to work on creating your conversion strategy, growing your audience, improving your service, delivering value, adding the buy button item and more. It is not easy, however, the rewards can be pretty impressive.

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